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Gwen McHale

Gwen Mc Hale is as a somatic therapist and educator with more than 15 years experience in the field. She holds private practice in Clare and Galway. Gwen works with individuals in one to one therapy and also facilitates couples and group therapy.

Gwen is particularly interested in trauma recovery, attachment/relationships, dissociative disorders and the search for a truer sense of self. In all her work she offers a calm and mindful presence, deep respect and empathy with her clients.

Gwen has a rich background. She holds an MA in Community Development, a H.Dip in Guidance Counselling, Diplomas in Origins Somatic Therapy & Education, Yoga and Dancing the Rainbow and a BA in Psychology & Philosophy.

Before Gwen found therapeutic work she had careers as a school guidance counsellor, life coach and a community development worker. Gwen also is a performance artist working with eco-somatic improvisation and site specific ritual performance. She lectures in University of Limerick on somatics, ritual and performance.

Gwen keeps an online blog where she shares her writing about her work (see web-site link below) and is a regular contributor to journals and magazines.

Gwen is taking continued professional development with Joan Davis and Julia Gambos in Authentic Movement and with Diane Poole Heller in the area of attachment and trauma resolution. Gwen also assists Joan Davis with ongoing Origins Somatic process groups. She is a member of ISMETA, the international association for Somatic Therapists and Educators and is committed to ongoing supervision and training.


Contact Details  Mobile: 087 9958028  send e-mail  or go to Gwen's website

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