Tina Hannon

Tina Hannon (PhD, BSc) is an integrative somatic therapist and movement educator with a practice based in Galway city.  She currently works with adult clients in individual and group sessions. As a therapist Tina offers a gentle and supportive holding space for people to safely explore issues and concerns.  Her approach integrates embodiment awareness with psychodynamic and relational therapeutical models as based on her training in the course ORIGINS somatic therapy and movement eduction for which she holds a diploma (2015) accredited by ISMETA.

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Tina's particular interests are in our lifelong developmental patterns, psychological and physical, how early experiences like our embryological ones shape our ways of being in the world, our attachment/ relationship patterns, and also finding relief from past trauma and reestablishing resiliency.  She has experience working with depression, anxiety, and trauma and its defenses, dissociation and freeze responses.


Tina's background is in Science and academia and she brings her intellect and curiosity to her body oriented work.  Tina's passion for healing and therapeutic movement is ongoing for over 15 years and in mindfulness practices. Dance and movement trainings, and aikido has been personally transformative for her.  She completed a foundation in counseling and psychotherapy before specialising in somatic movement therapy.  She has been facilitating a community dance space for 13 years.  In recent years she has work experience with elderly people and end-of-life care, and also with young children.


Since graduating she takes part in continuing professional development with Joan Davis and Julia Gombos.  She is currently an apprentice of the Authentic Movement Original Nature program.   Tina works as an assistant to Joan Davis with ongoing ORIGINS somatic processing groups.   She commits to ongoing clinical supervision, personal therapy, and continuing professional development.  She values her relationships with her peers in SOMETI.  Tina follows the code of ethics of ISMETA and keeps up to date with best practices and recommendations of Irish professional bodies in the mental health field.


Contact Details: Mobile: 0877791035, email