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Signe Dempelsone

I am a Somatic Movement Therapist living and practising in the West Wicklow/South Kildare area. My personal work with chronic anxiety as a life-long challenge has always gone hand in hand with my education and learning experiences. I am most passionate about working with and supporting people who come to me for therapy in the following areas (not exclusively): anxiety; trauma (such as in-utero development, birth, attachment trauma and more); regulation of nervous system and building a personal sense of safety; exploring birth- being born, giving birth, as well as the life-long impact birth experience has on us.


A very important area of work and exploration to me is the psycho-somatic (emotional to physical) connection of illnesses and physical health conditions. I tailor the therapeutic approach individually to each person's needs. Talking, vocalising, movement and touch are the core approaches and my task is to ensure that all of them are rooted in embodied, felt-sense awareness.
In 2016 I completed the “Origins” Somatic Movement Therapy and Education training, directed by Joan Davis and accredited by ISMETA.


My background training and area of work, in which I have been working since 2010, has been nursing for people with developmental diff-abilities. Currently I am in the final stretch of a Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy training delivered by Body College Ireland and working towards being accredited by June 2024 in this field. I am very excited to be competent in the two skills of Somatic Movement Therapy and Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy as I see a wonderful potential these skills can bring, when combined, in supporting people towards deeper wellness.

I currently work one on one with adults and adolescents.

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