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Aisling Richmond

Aisling is a somatic therapist, teacher and leadership facilitator based in Co.Donegal and also available online.  Her passion is to support people in their journey of self-discovery, healing and well-being. For the past 15 years, Aisling has deeply explored somatics, Yoga, mindfulness, psychotherapy, and indigenous wisdom and is currently undertaking a PhD in Psychology and Transformative Leadership. Aisling therefore offers her clients and students a rich and soulful range of approaches, centred in her deep empathy and warm-hearted curiosity.

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As a therapist, Aisling works somatically (through dialogue, bodywork, movement and attention to body sensation)  with a range of physical and psychological issues including: stress, anxiety, depression, trauma and dissociative responses, relationship issues, abuse, attachment disruption and repair, life purpose and vocation, and cultivating an embodied sense of self. In all of her work, she offers her clients a calm and compassionate presence from her own embodied experience.


Aisling holds a B.A in Literature, an M.A in Movement Research, and Diplomas in Contemporary Yoga, DTR Dance therapy, and ORIGINS/ Somatic Therapy & Education. .

Aisling has worked in collaboration with many organisations including: University of Limerick, National University of Ireland Galway, Amnesty International, The Life Change Institute, and The Sanctuary ( Suicide bereavement and Cancer Recovery groups). She is also a Wisdom Council member with Abbey of the Arts.  Aisling is the founder and director of Anam, a soul-centric approach to life learning and leadership.


Contact Details  Mobile: 085 155 2233 send e-mail or go to Aisling's website

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