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Patricia Grey-Amante

With a background in Psychology and Counselling Psychology, Patricia accredited as a Transpersonal Psychotherapist in 2004, through the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology in London. Over the last 10 years, Patricia has completed further Leadership Training in Jungian Embodied process, through the Marion Woodman Foundation for BodySoul.

Patricia has also completed a 4 year training in Somatic Movement Education and Therapy, through ORIGINS, with Joan Davis. ORIGINS offers a way of tuning into our somatic experience from conception, ( and before),  though to our early childhood. By bringing in somatic support and ease, we can allow these developmental patterns to enhance and strengthen our present day life experiences.

Patricia is passionate about Somatic Embryology, and through movement and stillness, brings a deep listening to Body and the original wisdom that is so alive there.

Patricia is also passionate about our connection to the vast Body of Nature, which we are an intrinsic part of.  Her work with clients encourages connecting to the soothing regulation and the uplifting invigoration of Nature.

She attends regular professional supervision as well as ongoing continuing professional development. Patricia abides by UKCP and ISMETA codes of ethics.


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