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Michelle Callaghan

Michelle is an accredited Origins Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator based in Cork.


She is particularly interested in our inner and outer landscapes, combining a background of study in Biology, Geography and Geology , love of nature , combined with over 25 years of practising various embodiment forms and self-exploration leading to teaching dance and creative expression classes for women.As a Somatic therapist, Michelle holds a safe and compassionate space with the intention to support the cultivation of each client’s awareness and resiliency as they navigate their unique journey.Michelle’s work is informed by her study of and explorations in Biological Embodiment, Attachment Therapy, Trauma Resolution, Nervous system and Emotional Regulation, Authentic Movement and Creative Expression.Michelle is fascinated by relationship, how we relate to ourselves and our bodies, our inner experiences, the ground of our being, how we relate to others and how we relate to our environment.Michelle lives with her partner, three daughters and various animals in Blarney, Co. Cork

Mobile: 0035387 7716629

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