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Margaret provides a down to earth, warm, open hearted, relaxed, non-judgemental and confidential environment in which the client can safely settle into their body-mind exploration.

Experiencing the felt sensations of gentle touch, movement and stillness, together with dialogue and deep listening not only helps to reveal where and how we hold tension, stresses and developmental patterns in our bodies, often caused by traumatic life experiences, but also how the body expresses vibrancy, joy and resilience.  The body and its sensations can be a direct source in helping us connect more compassionately and intimately to the truth of our being and the human condition. 

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Each session is uniquely tailored to meet the client’s requirements providing a secure and protective space for the individual’s journey.  Margaret offers one to one sessions, weekly groups and workshops holding sacred space to integrate and embody newfound somatic awareness, while deeply regulating and resourcing every client’s innate self-healing potential.

In addition to qualifying with Joan Davis ISMETA ( approved ‘ORIGINS’ training in 2015, Margaret embodies over 20 years professional experience as an accomplished Shiatsu Therapist, facilitator of Mindful Yoga, Do-In and Makka Ho, together with 30 years exploration into food and healing through macrobiotic principles. She integrates the body map of the meridian system and philosophy of Oriental Medicine with her somatic enquiry into Embryology, Developmental Movement Patterns and Reflexes, Experiential Anatomy, Authentic Movement and Attachment Theory. 

Margaret holds an MA in Women Studies, a BA in Community Education and Development and has extensive work experience in both fields.  She is a registered tutor with the SHEP (Social and Health Education Project) in the areas of Personal Development, Effective Communication, Stress Management as well as Grief, Loss and Change.

Currently Margaret is an apprentice participant of the ‘Original Nature’ Authentic Movement programme facilitated by Joan Davies and Julia Gambos.  She regularly attends supervision and continued professional development and is ISMETA (International Somatic Movement Education& Therapy Association) and SSI (Shiatsu Society Ireland) codes of ethics compliant.

Living according to permaculture principles, Margaret is surrounded by stunning views, organic gardens, herbs, trees and the many flowers of wild West Cork.


Contact Details:  Mobile: +353 86 0897844 or Email:


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