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Taking place on December 7th 2019 in Dance Limerick this Somatics and Leadership Symposium is the first of its kind. It gathers together pioneers and participants in the fields of Somatics in Ireland and brings together diverse practitioners from the fields of somatic therapy and education, somatic psychology, dance movement therapy, Somatic Experiencing, BMC, Authentic Movement, and members of the performance community who are working with somatic forms.


The particular focus of this symposium will be embodied leadership: how stepping further into our individual and collective empowerment can have a regenerative influence in Irish life; expanding our influence in wider spheres and furthering our professional reach and influence.



Hosted by SOMETI (Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Ireland) and supported by ISMETA and DANCE LIMERICK.

BOOKING is essential to reserve your space, as places are limited. Please email:



Guest speakers/facilitators include:


Joan Davis (Sensory-motor psychotherapist and founder of the Origins training)

Dr. Róisín O’Gorman (Lecturer, Department of Theatre, UCC).

Marion Dunlea (Jungian and SE psycho-therapist and author of ‘Body-Dreaming’)

Bernadette Divilly (DMP, Somatic Psychologist and Choreographic Artist)

Aisling Richmond ( Somatic therapist, PhD Psychology and Transformative Leadership candidate).

Mary Nunan (choreographer and Founding member of Daghdha Dance Company)

Lani O'Hanlon (writer and arts and health facilitator with Waterford healing arts trust)

Dominic Thorpe (Performance artist and PhD Researcher at Ulster University) 


Environmental policy for this symposium

We aim to host a symposium which has minimum environmental impact.

Therefore there will be no printed material at the symposium.

We will not be using any single use plastic.

We encourage people to take public transport or car pool where possible. Find the facebook event page, Somatics and Leadership Symposium, to make requests for car pooling or share information about public transport. We aim to off set the carbon footprint of the event with tree planting.