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SOMETI is the representative body for ORIGINS trained Somatic Movement Educators and Somatic Movement Therapists in Ireland.


SOMETI Practitioners have completed a 4 year intensive training in Somatic Movement Therapy and Education, through the ORIGINS training, directed by Joan Davis.


ORIGINS training emerged from Joan’s life long research into embodiment practices, through Contemporary Dance, Theatre and Arts Practices, Voice, Body-Mind Centering (BMC),  Authentic Movement (AM), Hakomi Psychotherapy, Dynamic Attachment Repair Experiences (DARE), and HANDLE (an holistic approach to neuro developmental healing and repatterning). Joan is committed to the spiritual approach of Advaita Vedanta. For further information on ORIGINS work see


The ORIGINS training encompasses developmental and evolutionary process from pre-conception to the first 3 years of life.


ORIGINS is an approved Somatic Training program of the International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Association (ISMETA) http/

SOMETI members have in the course of their 4 years training, deepened into their own life experience and embodied presence. This embodied self awareness enables practitioners to create a warm, calm, mindful space in support of the client’s process.

The work offered by trained Somatic Movement Therapists and Somatic Educators includes:-:


  • experiential anatomy : exploring the body-mind subjectively

  • developmental movement patterns: working with embryological, birthing, infant and adult reflexes

  • a neuro-biological understanding of trauma: based on leading edge research into its safe resolution

  • an embodied approach to the psychodynamics of object relations, attachment theory and family systems

SOMETI members apply a Somatic and embodied approach in a variety of contexts within the fields of therapy, education, the arts and business.


Currently there are 15 SOMETI practitioners working across Ireland and in Europe.    

Somatic Movement Therapy Ireland

"The growth every child and adult goes through is not so much a linear as a spirallic process. Reflections or re-enactments of patterns first experienced in the womb or at birth can be observed in the movement development of a young child, and this sets the foundation for future stages of perceptual, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual growth."
Linda Hartley

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